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Customer Reviews

“Strong, comfortable, reduces swelling, relieves fatigue!”

Rucks In The Wild, San Diego, CA, USA

“LOVING these Ruckstraps!! This is where it’s at...lifting the load!”

Jamie, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

“I LOVE my new Ruckstraps. Strap these bad boys on your pack to lighten the load.”

Jordan, Marana AZ, USA

“The strap gives me the relief as needed during my rucks without having to stop.”

Jaime, Scottsdale AZ, USA

“I love it...I am ready to increase to 30 lbs.”

Jenifer, Phoenix AZ, USA

"The Ruckstrap was a life saver during my ruck up Mount LeConte, Smokey Mountain 6,563 ft. elevation. Love them!”

Andrea, Cedarville, AR, USA

“Easy to lift up the straps to reset the rucksack on your back to avoid nerve pressure.”

Michael, Englewood CO, USA

“It’s easy to attach to your ruck. Great addition to my rucking gadgets.”

Guy, Lawton, OK, USA